School Contact Network

Use the commin contact network as your school's contact network. At school, there are many opportunities to contact stakeholders, such as sudden general awareness and individual communication between teachers and parents. commin can be used very conveniently not only for emergency contact but also for regular contact and event sharing.

Reasons why the best for Contact Network of School

Emergency contact to all students

Using the commin contact network as a school contact network makes emergency contact to all students very quick. At school, it is often necessary to inform the whole school, such as sudden closure due to a typhoon or closure due to a cold epidemic. It is very troublesome to call, and it is difficult to confirm that the information has been transmitted to the other party by general e-mail notification. With commin, you can easily make the whole thing known with the same effort as sending an email, and you can also grasp the confirmation status of the other party.

Contact from Parents to School

There will be many occasions when you need to contact the school due to a child's fever and else. Contacting the school during busy hours in the morning can be a tough work for both the school and parents. If you contact the school using commin's mail, you can easily contact them and also confirm that the school has confirmed it.

Distribution of papers, etc.

At school, parents are often contacted by paper. If the schools use commin to make it known, they can easily distribute it to everyone involved. This also reduces the hassle of printing and distribution on the school side.

Sharing Events and Weekend classes

By registering weekend classes and athletic meet and else in the calendar, you can share it with everyone involved on the calendar. The schedule of parent interviews and else can be registered individually for each parent.

Personal Information

commin does not require you to collect personal information about people who have registered with the community. Therefore, you can build a school contact network without collecting personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

A sense of security that does NOT connect

Even for contact at school, it will be difficult to get in touch with the parents of other students who you do not know. With commin, you can create a community that only teachers and parents can connect individually. Therefore, there is no need for each parent to connect unnecessarily.
How to

School contact network operation know-how

Contact Network (Community) Creation Unit

Create one community for each contact network. For school use, it is recommended to create a community for each class.

If there are too many participants in one community, it will be difficult to manage the contact network participants.

Preparation of Contact Network Terminals

If the teacher responds to the daily absence notification, the teacher will have a hard time.

In such cases, prepare a dedicated account for each school or grade to communicate with parents on a daily basis, such as absenteeism, and ask parents to contact that account.

Community Settings

We recommend that you set the settings when creating a community according to the characteristics of the school.

  • Community public setting
    • Private
  • Direct interaction among members
    • OFF

With this setting, you can build a contact network (community) that is private to the outside on the Internet and can only be contacted by teachers and their parents.

How to Invite

If you want to contact the parents of your students, we recommend that you print out the invitation link and distribute it to them.

When you view the invitation link from the web version of the commin contact network on your PC, you will see a link to the page for printing. From there you can easily open the print page and print the print for distribution.

Personal Information

By joining the community with information that the contact network administrator (teacher, etc.) already knows (name, attendance number, etc.), you can avoid collecting personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

When inviting with a printed invitation code, please add a note on how to enter the name when applying for participation.

Participant Authority

You can change the authority of participants from the member list screen.

If you have members who can contact all parents other than the person who created the community, change the permissions to Admin Member.

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