PTA Contact Network

The commin contact network is ideal for groups like PTA who need to make decisions and inform stakeholders.

Reasons why the best for Contact Network of PTA

Schedule Aadjustment

Use the commin contact network to contact and coordinate your PTA schedule. Let's easily adjust the date of the meeting and the date of gathering together with the mail function in commin. Register the scheduled date in the calendar and share the contents of the day with the participants.

Dissemination of Decisions

It is as easy as sending an ordinary email to inform the parents of the grade about the contents decided at the meeting. Since the mail destinations are already organized in the community, it is easy to specify the destination. Even if the content is long, it can be delivered efficiently by sending it from a PC.

Conducting a Questionnaire

You will often want to hear the opinions of all parents before deciding something. With commin, it's easy for all participants to take a survey.

Coordination of connected people

At commin, you can create a community like that all PTA officers can be contacted directly each other and other people involved can only be contacted to the officers. Of course, you can also create a contact community for PTA officers only.
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