Contact Network for Cram Schools or Lessons

Even in communities such as cram schools and lessons, the commin contact network is a great way to contact. It works well in all cases, such as managing regular lesson schedules and contacting time changes as appropriate.

Reasons why the best for Contact Network of Coaching or Lesson schools

Notification of Class Changes

The commin contact network can be used very conveniently as a contact network for cram schools and lessons. Class schedules may change for some reason in cram schools and lessons, but if you build a contact network with commin, you can easily contact them. Since you can also grasp the confirmation status of the destination, the sender can confirm that the contact has been transmitted firmly.

Schedule Sharing

Calendar appointments can be shared between teachers and students (or their parents) in coaching or lesson schools. As a result, special courses and presentation dates can be shared directly on the calendar, ensuring that important schedules can be communicated.

Contact about an absence

If you will absent for some reason, it will take time for both the recipient and the speaker to contact you by telephone. By using commin's mail function, you can send to a coaching or lesson schools at a convenient time on the sending side, and receive it at a convenient time on the receiving side. You can also confirm reception, so you can prevent omission of confirmation.

Personal Information

commin does not require you to collect personal information about people who have registered with the community. Therefore, it is possible to build a contact network for coaching or lesson schools without collecting personal information such as email addresses and telephone numbers.

Coordination of Connected Members

With commin, you can connect teachers to individual students (or their parents) and create a community where each student or each parent is not connected. Therefore, students (or their parents) will not be connected to other unknown students (or their parents) via a contact network.
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