Apartment Contact Network

Use the commin contact network as a means of communication within the condominium. commin is also great for communities that don't usually communicate very often, such as condominium networks, but need to share what they need to know.

Reasons why the best for Contact Network of Apartments

Management Union Contact Network

Use the commin contact network as a means of contact for condominium management associations. The commin contact network allows participants to contact each other in the condominium management union, and other residents can create a community where they can only contact the participants in the management union. Of course, you can also create a contact community only for those who are members of the management union.

Dissemination to residents

・ Dissemination of manners and precautions ・ Dissemination of decisions made by the management association ・ Recruitment of management association participants ・ Call for opinions on repairs with management fees It is easy to inform the people who live there.

Sharing of Construction / Repair Schedules

You can share the schedule of repair work for the entire condominium, the schedule of plumbing work for individual rooms, etc. on the calendar as a whole or individually. This will reduce the number of situations such as construction could not be completed due to the absence of residents due to lack of information transmission on the day of construction.

Contact the apartment manager

In many cases, the method of contacting the manager from the room is analog, such as calling directly when the manager is present. If you have prepared a contact network using commin, you can contact us for confirmation when you need it, and the manager can also reply when you can confirm it.

Account name for each community

In commin, you can use different names for each participating community. If you are a community with a weak relationship between participants, such as a condominium contact network, you can adjust the information to be shared, such as using the room number instead of the name as the account name.

A sense of security that does NOT connect

Even for sharing information in the condominium, I think it is difficult to get in touch with other people I don't know. With commin, you can create a community where only the condominium manager and the people in each room can contact individually. Therefore, the residents of each room will not be connected by a contact network.
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