Enjoy sharing your memories with the commin contact network. The album feature makes it easy to share photos and videos with stakeholders. The shared files can be viewed in an organized manner even in the album of the sharing partner on a monthly basis.

Features of Album Function

Switching Year and Month

Enjoy sharing your memories with the commin contact network. The photos and videos in the album are organized monthly shared files. In the album, you can change the month by swiping, or you can change the year and month by simply swiping the year and month part directly. This makes it easy to access memories from years ago.

Grayed out Shared Files

When uploading photos and videos, files already shared within the community will be grayed out. This reduces the risk of sharing the same file with the same person more than once.

Removal other than Time Data

To protect the privacy of users, information other than the shooting date and time will not be shared from the shared photos and videos. All other information such as location data attached to photos and videos will be removed.

Data Storage Capacity

In the "::community.friend:" community, 1GB can be registered for each user, and in other communities, the number of participants x 1GB (up to 10GB) can be registered for free. If the capacity is exceeded, the oldest data will be deleted mechanically on a regular basis.

Linking with the Calendar

The year / month switching is linked to the calendar year / month. While looking at old photos and videos in the album, you can look back on what happened at that time on the calendar.
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