commin contact network is easy

The commin contact network makes it very easy to inform everyone and contact them individually. Since you can also check the confirmation status of the contact information, the burden of contacting can be greatly reduced.

Features that make contact easier

Easy to make known to everyone

The commin contact network makes it very easy to reach out to everyone. Each community has a special member called "All Members". Simply set "All Members" as the destination, and you can send it to everyone in the community at once.

Ease of individual contact

For normal contact, you can contact the other party in the same procedure as sending a normal email. Since the destination is already registered as a contact in the commin contact network, the target person can be easily selected.

Confirmation Status of the recipient

You can check the open status of the recipient on the commin contact network. Even if you contact the school about your absence, you can be assured that the other party has confirmed it.

Schedule Adjustment

Just select the date to adjust the schedule, and you can make it known with the same effort as sending an email. The aggregated results are also shared with the parties concerned on the spot, so you can make a schedule immediately.

Safety Confirmation

The time and effort to confirm the safety of everyone in an emergency is almost the same as sending an email. It's easy to make it known to all members of the contact network. People who receive the safety confirmation email can easily reply.
How to

Easy way to get in touch

All-known method

You can easily make it known throughout the community by following the steps below.
  1. Launch the mail composition screen
  2. Select the email mark at the bottom of the top screen to open the "MAIL" screen. Open the type of email you want to compose with the "+" button and select the type you want to know.
  3. TO settings
  4. Select TO and select the target community. Select "All Members" and press OK.
  5. send an email
  6. The rest is the same as sending a normal email. If you enter Title or Contents and send it, the whole notification will be completed.
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