You can also contact us by email on the commin contact network. The mail function of the commin contact network can be used in the same way as regular e-mail. However, it has the following features that email does not have:

Features of commin Mail Function

Not reachable from strangers

With email communication via the commin contact network, you will not receive emails from strangers. commin emails are sent to the person with whom the contact is connected, not to the email address. You can only send emails to people who are registered friends or members of the community in which you participate. Therefore, you will not receive unsolicited e-mail from strangers.

Confirm Reception

The sender and recipient can confirm that the recipient has confirmed the contents of the email. Since commin mail is not sent from strangers, the confirmation status will not be communicated to strangers.

Can be modified after transmission

You can change the commin mail even after the other party confirms it. This is because commin mail is intended to convey information to the other party without hassle, not to guarantee the date and time of transmission and the content. Therefore, it cannot be used to prove the contents of the transmission. Instead, the recipient doesn't have to worry about checking each time they make a simple correction or add information. This also depends on the fact that commin mail is only passed between registered members.

Schedule Adjustment Mail

You can easily send a schedule adjustment email to the people involved so that you can easily adjust the schedule. The answer format is simple so that people who answer the schedule can easily answer.

Questionnaire Mail

If you want to hear the opinions of all the participants in the community, you can send out a questionnaire email. You can also freely change how to publish the aggregated results to the respondents.

Safety Confirmation Mail

In the event of a large-scale disaster, you can quickly send a safety confirmation email. The safety confirmation email simplifies the sending and replying procedures so that you don't have to worry about how to contact us in case of emergency.
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