Part-time job contact network

The commin contact network is ideal as a contact network for groups such as part-time workers who often adjust their time. You can easily adjust frequent time adjustments. By participating in the contact network, the contact information between staff members will not be forcibly connected.

The best reason for a part-time job network

Schedule sharing

Share with your staff on the calendar when you will be working part-time. Both the store side and the staff side can share the same schedule, so there is no misunderstanding.

Filling vacancies

If you have a vacancy and want to find someone who can work at that time, you can easily recruit by broadcasting. You can save the trouble of checking whether each person can work part-time individually.

Coordination of connected people

With the commin contact network, you can create a community where part-time management staff and general staff can be contacted but general staff are not connected. Therefore, you will not be connected to other unfamiliar part-time staff via a contact network.
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