commin contact network is Safe & Secure

The commin contact network does not collect personal information about participants in the contact network. The information registered by the participants of the contact network is also the minimum required.

Safe & Secure features

Connect only with the people you need

The commin contact network allows you to coordinate who you connect with within your community. When creating a contact network at school or lessons, teachers and parents can be contacted, and it is easy to create a community where parents do not connect with each other.

It doesn't connect without permission

You will definitely need an invitation link to connect with your friends and community. Unless you give the invitation link to the other party, you will not receive any friend application or participation application without permission. You will not receive a friend request based on your phone number or email address.

Collection of Personal Information

With the commin contact network, you do not need to collect personal information when creating a contact network. Simply create a community for your contact network and distribute your invitation code. Participants only need to register a name that is valid within the community, and the community operator does not need to collect personal information about the participants.

Name in the Participating Community

The commin contact network registers names to identify participants within the community. This name doesn't have to be your real name, as you only need to know who you are in the community. This name can be different for each community.

Email Address

If you join the contact network with the app, you do not need to register your email address either. However, your email address will be required to restore your account or use it on your PC. If you want to back up your data or use it on your PC, please register as necessary.

Age and Gender

You will need it if you want to join an age-restricted community or a gender-restricted community. If you would like to join a gender-specific community, please enter in advance. Age is determined by entering the year and month.
How to

Safe and secure usage

How to create a contact network that connects only with the people who need it

You can create a contact network (community) that connects only with the people you need by following the steps below.
  1. Open the community creation screen
  2. Tap the commin mark at the top of the screen to open the community list. Tap the "+" button and select "Create New" in the dialog.
  3. Enter basic information about the community
  4. The community creation screen will open. Enter basic information such as "Community Name" and "Genre" and tap "Next".
  5. Community public setting
  6. Select "Community public setting" according to the public status of the community. If you select anything other than "Private", the community will be published on the Internet and anyone can search for it on the Internet.
  7. Direct interaction among members
  8. By setting "Direct interaction among members" to "OFF", you can create a community where only Admin Member and General Member are connected. Now, General Member will not be connected to each other.
  9. Community creation completed
  10. Then fill in the remaining fields to complete the community creation. This will create a contact network (community) limited to connections only between administrators and general members.
  11. Participant registration
  12. Pass the invitation link to register your participants. For communities such as schools, register teachers as Admin Member and parents as General Member. As a result, a contact network will be created in which the teacher and each guardian can be contacted and each guardian cannot be contacted.
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