commin is a FREE Contact Network

commin is a free contact network. Data can be saved for free up to 1GB and up to 10GB per participating member for each community.

Features of Free Data Storage

Up to 10GB free per Community

The commin contact network is a free contact network. For each member of the community, 1GB of free storage will be available in that community. You can increase your free storage up to 10GB for each community.

1GB free in the "Friends" community

"Friends" is a special community that is fixed from the beginning. In this community, everyone can store 1GB of data for free.

Automatic Deletion of Excess Data

If the storage capacity is exceeded in each community including "Friends", the data with the oldest upload time will be deleted mechanically. You can add more capacity to avoid deleting past data, but you can continue to use the contact function even if the capacity is exceeded.

Add Free Storage Capacity

File storage capacity can be added beyond the maximum storage capacity depending on the ad viewing reward. For the specific method, check the following capacity addition method.
How to

About free storage capacity expansion

How to Add Capacity

You can add free data storage capacity by following the steps below.
  1. Launch the App
  2. To add file storage capacity, you need to operate in the app. First of all, please launch the commin app.
  3. Open File Storage Volume
  4. Tap the community icon in the header to open the community list menu. Tap the "database icon" in it to open File Storage Volume.
  5. Watch ads
  6. Tap "Get storage with Ads" to watch the ad. When the reward acquisition time displayed in the advertisement has passed, 100MB (30 days) of capacity will be accumulated in the "gift mark" part at the top of the screen. Rewarded ads may be out of stock, in which case you should try again. (If you do not allow the commin app to obtain an ad ID in the iOS environment, the number of paid ads may decrease.)
  7. Use of Accumulated free Storage Capacity
  8. You can use the storage capacity saved by watching advertisements at any time. Tap "USE" next to "Present Mark" to use the saved free storage capacity. A 30-day free tier will start for the specified capacity. You can check the current usage status by tapping "Database mark".
  9. Capacity Distribution
  10. You can distribute your free storage to the community by tapping "Allocate" next to the "database mark". Distribute and save the free tier to the community you want to allocate.
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