Club / Circle Activity Contact Network

Use the commin contact network as a means of contact for club activities and circles. The commin contact network is very effective for groups such as club activities and circles that require frequent information sharing with a large number of people. It is very efficient to inform the participants and adjust the schedule.

Reasons why the best for Contact Network of Club and Circle Activities

Individual Contact

The commin contact network is also very useful as a means of individual contact. Members who participate in a community where they can contact each other directly can easily contact each other. Therefore, you can communicate smoothly at any time without having to contact and exchange individually.

Schedule Adjustment

As the number of people increases, it becomes difficult to adjust the schedule. With commin, it's easy to hear everyone's schedule for a candidate date.

Schedule Sharing

You can share important things such as tournament dates, places, and belongings on the calendar and share them with everyone involved. If everyone updates the details, it will be possible to share very meaningful information.

Personal Information

commin does not require you to collect personal information about people who have registered with the community. Therefore, it is possible to build a contact network for club activities and circles without collecting personal information such as e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

Coordination of Connected Members

In club activities and circles, all participants may be able to contact directly, or key members may coordinate the overall contact. In either case, commin can handle it by adjusting the community settings. If you want all participants to be able to contact directly, you can create a community with "Direct interaction between members" turned ON, and if the main members organize contact, you can create it by turning OFF.
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