The commin contact network has a chat function. The chat function of the commin contact network has the same function as general chat. It works smoothly with other functions such as mail, albums, and calendars.

Features of Chat Function

Call / Video Call

Enjoy contact by calling, video calling, etc. on the commin contact network. With the commin contact network, you can make calls and video calls in the same way as general chat. You can enjoy simultaneous group calls of up to 12 people.

Sharing Memories

Photos and videos shared in chat will be shared as they are in the album. This will automatically organize the memories, such as photos and videos, that you naturally shared in the conversation in the talk after some event in the album of all the participants.

Participant Schedule Adjustment

When a new event is talked about in chat, you can easily send a schedule adjustment message. You can easily adjust the schedule of all chat participants.

Event Registration

Once everyone's schedule has been adjusted, let's just register for the event in the chat. You can easily register chat participants as an event participants on the calendar. The event will be registered in the calendar of all participants, so participants do not have to re-register in their own calendar.
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